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The Advantages of Cockroach Glue Traps

by TAGreat

A revolutionary trap which attracts cockroaches based on a special attraction properties.

Stop, kill and get rid of cockroaches easily with these well known Cockroach Traps imported from Japan.

Use Glue Cockroach Traps to detect exactly where the cockroaches are living and breeding. Then each Glue Board Cockroach Trap will trap and get rid of Cockroaches where the traps are in place. Glue Cockroach Trap is a trusty cockroach bait trap that comes in the shape of a cockcroach "house". Using powerful Japanese pest control technology that is patented and proven to work since 1973, you can be sure that it will home in all the roaches and even house lizards in your house. It works - you can't go wrong. 49% of Japan's 128 million households use this company's products.

The Advantages of Glue Cockroach Traps

So Simple to use: Simply stick on the bait and forget it. The amazing bait formula attracts cockroaches within 24 hours.

So Safe! No Poisonous Chemicals : Glue Traps's bait is entirely made of 100% non-hazardous natural material, so there is no risk of injestion by non-intended targets. Safe for kids and pets!

So Convenient: Keep anywhere, hang on wall, under the sink or fridge. This product has been successfully tested in homes, restaurants, hotels, bakeries, hospitals, cars, boats, factories and many other places!

So Effective! Works attracting all roaches to it. Unbelieveable results, see the cockroach house fill up!

So Economical: Each cockroach trap can be used up to 3-4 weeks or until it fills up. Simply throw it away when the "house" is full. Traps come in a mini box and each consists of 3 sets of traps.

So Pest Free!

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